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Small-Big Company

Lounge & Co. is a new division of Beco Home Industries,  leader in home textile fashion since the 50's. Yes… our big sister company was around for awhile, that's how good she is.

Our focus is your comfort. We design, source and produce high quality yet affordable products for indoor and outdoor.
Fashion, style and comfort for you in any shapes, sizes and colors. Just pick one, we know you'll love it.

Our expertise resides in cool looking beanbag chairs and fashionable self-expanding foam-filled seatings, engineered for ultimate lasting comfort.... Oh and hey, we are not responsible for any dependency to lounge all day long in our chairs.

Want our Products?

Our innovative and fashionable products are sold at well known, high volume stores all throughout North America. Go to the store near you, watch the next flyer for our products or shop online to find the perfect seat for you. The only seat you'll need.

Small Footprint, Better Environment

Our beanbags are filled with made in Canada, high quality polysterene beads free of CFCs and HCFCs. The expanded polysterene beads are inert, meaning they are harmless to the environment and can even be reuse and transform into new products.


Also, because our foam chairs are packaged in a very efficient and compact way, we are able to use less space, fuel and energy during shipping. We also re-purpose excess raw foam materials to fill our chairs, giving you a fresh new product but yet extremely respectful of the environment.


A smaller footprint means a better environment. A better environment means a better chair. It's the circle of life of a good design. Our designs from us to you.

Contact Infos

10900, Rue Colbert

Anjou, QC

Canada, H1J 2H8


Telephone: 514.353.9060

Fax: 514.354.4442

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